Features — PERC™

WYSIWYG: “What you see is what you get.” PERC™ captures all of its well data in a morning report format that prints out just as you see it on your screen.

Single-screen entry: No more fumbling through endless tab selections to update your morning report. Daily data entry can be performed from a single screen with standard field navigation.

Detailed data capturing: Each section of the morning report screen has one or more sub-screens for capturing additional operational detail.

Data selection windows: Add your own custom data elements to key fields for easy selection. Alleviates entry errors and creates a stable environment for custom queries and reports.

Comprehensive reporting: More than 120 standard report types are available for viewing captured well data by selecting operational time frames and other parameters.

Powerful plotting: Generate the full spectrum of plots and charts based on a single well’s daily data or multiple wells.

Hot keys: More than eight common functions are mapped to convenient function keys to allow easy execution of repetitive entry tasks.

Built-in calculations: Provides more than 24 drilling and well bore calculations, including mud volume, pipe displacement, and annular velocity.

Daily copy forward: Roll all or a portion of the previous day’s data forward to the next automatically. Saves time when similar activities are taking place over a period of well development.

Robust data copy tool: Copy data records from a different well to the current one or from any previous report day within the current well. Saves time by alleviating the need to enter a complex BHA or standard Pipe Tally from scratch.

Well failure: Track and analyze aspects of all types of failures during the life of a well. The Well Failure module can be used as a corporate knowledge base or information repository.

Complete well manager: Allows users to have complete control over their own well listing; includes robust search features and extensive filtering abilities.

Multiple export formats: All reports can be exported to many different file formats, including Adobe Acrobat® (PDF), HTML, Microsoft Excel™ (XLS), and Rich Text (RTF).

Ad hoc query: Generate, save and share user-defined queries using PERC’s simple navigation scheme to select fields and data items. Easily export queries to Microsoft Excel™ (XLS), HTML, or tab delimited format for external distribution.

Documentation: Print versions of the user guide and administrative guide are available upon request.

Security: Any number of security group settings may be established for defining system user permissions and access privileges.

Tight hole security: Limit access to specific well data on a system wide basis. Allow only certain users access to sensitive well information.

Metric / U.S. versions: Choose the most applicable unit base for your entire company or division; both versions are completely compatible with each other.

Remote data synchronization: Supports updating the central database from a field installation via e-mail, direct modem, FTP, or LAN/WAN connection.