Resource Scheduler is quite simply a faster, easier and more efficient way to schedule your rigs – with the added value of being much more affordable than other rig scheduling software. The experts at OSS specifically designed this Gantt-based planning tool to graphically chart resources and associated tasks over a scheduled timeframe – quickly and easily.

With Resource Scheduler, engineers and planners can lay out long-range project activities, make real-time adjustments as projects are executed – and then view how the changes affect the entire project schedule. The beauty of this software is that all tasks can be linked together – so when one task moves, the linked tasks move as well. This feature makes Resource Scheduler an incredibly easy and efficient tool for making changes – taking you beyond the limitations of spreadsheet-based planning.

With Resource Scheduler, charted resources are listed in a tree structure next to a Gantt-based grid, where their corresponding tasks are positioned to graphically represent durations. Task duration and position can be easily adjusted to determine the most efficient use of your resources. Resource or task attributes can be created to display user-defined project data, or to request actual project input. They may also be configured as formulas for calculating and displaying the results of actual project input data. Task attributes can be set to display in a “flyover” window when the cursor hovers over a task object.

Resource Scheduler can be easily implemented by the OSS team and configured to meet your specific needs. This application works extremely well in conjunction with our AFE Management System and PERCTM software. Once implemented, Resource Scheduler can save your business significant time and money by reducing the time required for scheduling and avoiding scheduling conflicts. It also empowers you by leveraging the data within your organization in a corporate database.

In addition to all of the advantages offered by Resource Scheduler, the team of professionals at OSS provides the highest level of support services in the industry – from implementation to consulting, on-site training and online/telephone technical support.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how Resource Scheduler can increase the profitability of your business by maximizing the efficiency of your rig scheduling.